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  • 50 illuminated Saint cards
  • 50 wooden tokens of corporal and spiritual forces
  • Card deck of divine intervention
  • 5 spin down dice to keep count of tokens
  • Illustrated compendium of Saints, developed from original research and obscure medieval sources.

SAINTS The Card Game

  • No situation in SAINTS The Card Game is ever truly hopeless, and praying might just bring down an Act of God to save you. 


    The game also comes with a 50-page compendium, containing detailed biographies for every saint in the game, written from original research and including details from obscure medieval sources.

  • Flat fee $12 for standard shipping within New Zealand.


    PLEASE NOTE: We are only shipping within New Zealand at present. If you are outside New Zealand and would like a copy of the game, please contact us for shipping options.

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